Artists as Collectors
Tuesday, November 3, 2015 at 09:14AM
deborah webster

The Artful Home....
Each month we feature Artspace Collectors who share their inspiration with us.  This month, we hear from a collector who is also an artist. It's not unusual forartists to collect the work of other artists, either for inspiration, for ideas, or perhaps, just for the love of art. Many artists trade with artist friends as well as
purchase art in a gesture of support.

"Summer Splash" 2015, Deborah Webster
Ink, beads, resin on canvas

LuAnne Benson, from Indiana, is a wonderful painter who came to Artspace for classes.

 "As an artist myself, I love to watch other artists create their masterpieces.  I collect artwork of all my artist-friends to smile and to remember them each day in my home.  Deborah created this piece in her studio while I was taking a class there.  I fell in love with "Summer Splash".  The incredible details of color and flowing movements excite me."

"It fits beautifully in my new home.
And, it touches my heart deeply that Deborah created it"

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